Thursday, October 14

ibex -boston store

[photo above via ibex_clothing]

Ibex the outdoor clothier have a new (their first and so far only I think?) physical store on Newbury Street in Boston. Swung into it by chance yday and chatted with store manager Vinita; turns out she is a friend of friends [VTmafia -ed.] Ibex have expanded their offerings since last time I looked -and if something not in the store, staff will fire up the 'Mac to help you browse their site.

Crisp, clean interior w/ some wood accents etc. Could see this as a place to drop in after a big snow weekend, everyone trading stories etc. Nice vibe. Ibex still based in Vermont and most of the big pieces made in USA; our first exposure to it was their classic vest found at the HN Williams store in Dorset VT. Mrs. 10e has been in Ibex head to toe for 2 winters now... woolies ftw. Great stuff. Know your merino micron diameters, knit densities etc.