Friday, January 7

carhartt -new line of gloves

Looks like Carhartt are about to revamp their glove line. I'm heisitant to say I have a thing for workgloves incase you get the wong idea... but they are another industry to look at in the decline of domestic production and this is maybe the 18th time they've been mentioned on 10e... There used to be whole towns devoted to glove manufacture (hello Gloversville and Johnstown) but now just a few of the older manufactures left (notably North Star and Brookville).

Regarding these new Carhartt gloves, can't find a whisper online about them except this indepth video but not 100% about who is actually manufacturing them or where. They introduce Gore-Tex, kevlar, fleece insulation and knuckle guards all over the place, a cableknit pair for women and a new technology dubbed C-Grip (an advanced dipped-type glove that will be harder wearing and grippier than Nitrile). The C-Grips could maybe double as pipe gloves... or someone can jump and do a joint project with this material... Drop MFG???

Personally I look for gloves with tough enough palms for carrying wood and insulated for winter but you can still drive in them. Not overly bulky either. So far I haven't found anything that beats Kinco's lifties.