Friday, January 28

fridays are tie days -kelly green and pigs

Housekeeping; If you are not a fanatical blog reader you may have missed the 100 Days of Ties project by Will Price over at Momentum of Failure. Today is day 100, so congrats to him and look forward to whatever is next. ValetMag has an interview with him today.

Briar tie below thrifted for 50¢. May have been a quarter... Solid gold for a Labour Day picnic. I'm thinking huge bowl of ginger ale based punch with a block of sherbet ice cream floating in it, side of ham, roast turkey and proper carving gear, cheese and crackers etc... feeling it?

Backstory, this Fridays Are Tie Days series began about a year ago, stemming from a message board quote;
The R [Royal -ed.] Signals Notes for Young Officers also used to say it was "customary to wear a Corps tie when in plain clothes on Fridays".
Reverse casual day etc...