Thursday, January 20

gnu -danny kass mini btx

The Danny Kass Mini Twin Freestyle board from Gnu caries all their usual nutsy tech but repackaged for your young cannonballer;
- Banana All Terrain Rocker
- Magne-Traction
- Sandwich Construction
- True Twin Shape
- Cx2500 Base
- Eiss 5 Uhmw Sidewalls
- A.5 Sustainable Woodcore
- Four sizes; 115, 125, 135, 145
Was that too obtuse? OK, this is a kid's board, mental. I definitely know 1 over-active 6 year old that would go nuts for this pirate/skull/sword/grenade graphic (by Jeremy Fish). Couldn't be more perfect that Danny Kass has his name attached to this -jokester personality. Do any other pros have a kid's board in addition to their own pro model?? [The White Collection Smalls -ed?]

Personally think this is awesome... Little expensive for most parents at $349 but looks like you get all the bells&whistles on this made in the USA board.