Thursday, January 13

hugh's fish fight -update

To get you up to speed: 2 nights ago on Channel 4 (UK), Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's programme Fish Fight aired its first episode. The programme is to illustrate the paridoxical result of fishing quotas; declines in increased species of fish due to marketable catch being thrown, dead, back into the sea. Trawling in general is looked at closely. Further reading. Looks like episodes are airing bang bang bang in 3 nights. Brilliant screeening technique imho.

As a result of the build-up to this campaign, Britain's Tesco has already announced plans to switch to 100% pole and line caught fish for its own brand canned tuna. Tesco represents a huge share of UK's supermarkets and as the UK is the second largest consumer of tuna in the world, this is significant. -via TheGuardian.