Wednesday, January 19

poler -heat bags and camping stuff

If you aren't following the tantalizing releases and Illuminati-styled venn diagrams from Poler; then get to it... Poler are a Portland, OR based company making heatbags/handwarmers, sleeping bags and also some general camping gear in the works. Heaping spoonfuls of self-depreciating humor. Couple quotes below...

Poler is for people that more or less live out of a bag.
Poler makes a bag for sleeping in that’s rated down to -20.
A bag that’s been constructed to house the human form just right.
We call it the Human Heat Bag.

...a big ‘ol pot of chili in the woods.
Crush up some chips and throw them on top, douse with hot sauce,
and you got yourself a bowl of winter comfort food.
Seconds are just part of the deal, no need to even ask.

Use them, seal them up to turn them off, then open them and turn them on again for a total usage of 10 hours.