Tuesday, January 18

sledding party

First feed the horses and put them in the barn.
Get them out of the field.

This sweet feed looks so good I want to eat it....
Pops and wee man flatten out the staging area. This is the fun part.
See me way up there hand-digging the run... not so fun.
Get out the box of waxes... temp calls for violet.

Start 'em young.

Mr Quail Farm displays correct handwear and red rocket.
Over 5s pull their own sled.
Light is failing fast, get a few more runs.
Down the trench... goggles are key.
Pow pow. Kids were laughing up a storm.
Older sled in foreground is for hauling, not riding. V nice though.

Next day the trail got blown in a bit...
...but had to give it one more.