Friday, January 28

snow shoes and skis

Martin A. Strand... began manufacturing skis believing he could capitalize on the new ski clubs that were beginning to form in Red Wing, Minnesota and Ishpenming, Michigan. He modeled his skis after the popular Norwegian Telemark ski as did most ski manufacturing companies of the period. Strand’s skis were carved from a single piece of wood and had wooden edges and bottoms that required wax to prevent snow from sticking. Later models included skis specifically designed for jumping and cross-country racing.

The success of the Strand Ski Company established St. Paul as the center for American ski manufacturing.
-via heritage Aspen

All pictures by Wallace Kirkland from Life, March 1942.

Also marked March, 1942 are more photos by Kirkland; documenting some good clean fun (in Minnesota I think reading from the butcher's label), and visiting a snowshoe factory (not sure where, nearby one imagines). Love the kid fishing out the crate of cokes. Sidenote, Shaw's in Porter Sq. now sells "mexican" Coca Cola.