Monday, January 24

this bag for punching only

The Somerville Boxing Club (SBC) was created in 1976 and during its many incarnations was housed at the Somerville YMCA for a short time (around 2004).

The old club location on Highland Ave was right round the corner from us; key-lassic. Old boys in the anteroom giving advice, bunches of young young kids knocking around the heavy bags and a yeah, local toughs working out -straight out of central casting if YKWIM... But dues were super cheap, you could work out whenever/however you wanted - the never ending sound of that round-timer is nostaligic now.

SBC is now subsumed by Cambridge YMCA in Central Square... haven't been over to look. Shots above from the Somerville YMCA, heavy bag stuffed in a corner off the banked indoor track; 29 laps = 1 mile...