Friday, November 18

pawlet game supper 2011 -roundup

My in-laws were at the Pawlet Game Supper two weeks ago (home turf) and took some pics as we could not make it. Again, this is a community style supper put on by, and for, the volunteer fire department of the town of Pawlet, Vermont. It is held on the first day of deer season and features the trinity of bear, deer, and moose (with chicken pot pie rounding out) and squash, pies and lots of cheddar cheese. It is pretty much a belt buster. Long tables and a wait to get in create a great atmosphere. We make it every other year; last year did the double bill and hit the fireman's breakfast the next day 2 towns over...

Anyhow here is the round up from November 12, 2011. Thx Mike.

The fantastic Mach's store in Pawlet almost got washed away by Irene in September. If you visit, you can look down through the overhang (featured below) and see the river (Flower Brook) going underneath.

Waiting in line at 6-7pm on a Vermont November is not a joke. Not too bad this year looks like.

Each table gets macaroni salad, pickles, rolls and butter, and a plate of cubed cheddar.

Rug rats and Libble D hats. The wool count pretty high as well.

THAT is what I am talking about. Paging Wm. Brown... Venison meatloaf? Yup.

Yes that is a Ball-wine-glass. You can get yours here.

A slice of Americana. Or go crazy as below. The joke is; the supper is free -you pay $12 for a slice of pie.


ryan said...

Great post. That overhang is amazing. I may just have to order a couple of those Ball wine glasses as well!

Apothecary Fox said...

Yup, loving those Ball Glasses too. Genius. Why did I never think of that before?
Home sick reading flashy sign and all?
Looked mighty tasty

The Wilder Things said...

Wow, James...those photos are amazing. They reveal so much more than just apple pie. I love the one of the building over the river.

Linda said...

I am one of the volunteer cooks - sometimes moose roast - this year venison, as moose was scarce! A terrific evening. Plenty of people- and plenty of food- especially pie. New sign was an eye-catcher! Got in line at 6:15 and entered the firehouse at 7 PM. We watched folks get out of the line and head to The Barn.