Tuesday, March 4

10E2334: Building JJ Hapgood - the movie

Trailer for an upcoming documentary short on the rebuilding of Peru, Vermont's JJ Hapgood store. Told through local interviews and footage, the full doc will be released later this winter. Created by a student of Burr and Burton Academy Film Department, David Rose.

The store really started in 1827; the current incarnation is a rebuild of the previous structure utilizing salvaged beams, gorgeous Danby marble, tables milled from a felled maple on the property, and the return of the outdoor benches and the community message board. For those just joining, I partly grew up in this small town and the store was a fixture of the community. New owner Juliette also grew up in town (a grade school friend) and with her husband Tim they have responsibly and sensitively rebooted the store and probably the town center. More of my pics and words here.