Monday, February 9

10E2427: Boston Bag

One of our stealth finds of the century (a Charleston, MA industrial that made canvas bags as a sideline) has created a full retail site; Boston Bag. Their original rivetted version above now on sale for Valentine's Day at $52 - the thing is immense - carry-hockey-skates-big, everything-you-need-for-the-beach-big.   
"We began manufacturing our industrial canvas bags in 1928 to serve the needs of  utility workers in Boston. Soon we began shipping our bags all over the country as power lines were being built and maintained from coast to coast. Although originally intended as a purely industrial item, these rugged bags soon became indispensable to regular folks, whether they needed them for sports equipment, boating gear,  woodworking tools, or just the day-to-day... Proudly made in the USA."

If you want a few more bells and whistles they have a 'maple whiskey' version as below; $148. That means waxed canvas bottom, leather handles and longer straps. Both are unbreakable 22oz canvas.