Tuesday, November 17

10E2488: Giveaway - Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh

The crew at Ursa Major have delivered on a long-time request, creating an all natural deodorant that really works. I bought a few during their kickstarter a little while ago and it has a nice minty/grampa zing to it. Made in the USA. Recyclable container.
- Eliminates odor-causing bacteria
- 24-hour protection
- Fresh, cooling aroma on application
- 100% natural & toxin-free (no aluminum)
- Non-staining formula
You can buy it right now at Ursa Major.  Join their email list and you get $5 off right off the bat. Boom!

GIVEAWAY - plus they are giving away sticks to two 10engines readers - today. Just go check out the product at on their site and email me the favorite ingredient they use. Or follow them on twitter @UrsaMajorVT and tweet and us both the favorite ingredient you see. Winners will be picked at 5pm - prize delivered for the weekend. UPDATE: Winners notified; congrats Stuart and Michael.