Wednesday, November 25

10E2489: History. AMIRIGHT!

I tell the interns all the time (and appreciate it myself too) - it is amazing to live in New England and experience on a day to day basis the sites and monuments and stories that other kids in America only read about. During this time of Thanksgiving holiday tales, and revised tales, Pilgrims and 'Indians' and Atlantic travel are constantly referenced across the States - but in New England you get to walk it if you want to.

Plymouth - as in ROCK - is a short drive away. So much history. Fantastic. Just words on a page to others - daily life for yankees (small y... #evilempire).

And speaking of Revolutionary, [nice segue -ed] we live just north of Boston and Paul Revere basically rode past our front door in 1775 (ok it was Medford but I can walk over there anytime...).

And walking the kids to school we pass markers of battles and more. Minuteman Trail on a bike - big smiles.

Over the River and Through the Woods (to grandmothers house we go)? That one? Original title A Boy's Thanksgiving Day, that was another (sleigh) ride nearby.

As another commentor mentioned, one of the best parts of living here is imagining the civilization that has trod this path before us--from Wampanoag in our backyards, to JFK at Harvard.


The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower is a historical fictionalisation of young John Howland's travel to the new lands here form England. Detailed first person account of life in the 1600s form busy London to Pilgrim-style living in early America. Suitable for the interns...