Friday, June 3

10E2555: Topo Designs - Women's Collection

The freewheeling mountain time nerds, mad scientists, hikers, climbers and ramblers from Topo Designs have released a women's line as of today. Ripstop-everything. In their sig blue/red/yellow color scheme, or olive-drab-neon, or black - and some other off-piste makeups if you visit one of their 4 (!) physical stores in CO and CA.  All but 1 of these is sub-$100. Made in USA (mostly in Colorado at their LEED certified shop).  Full details at the end. Fantastic.

Mountain Fleece (W)
Camp Shorts (W)
Shoulder Bag
Cinch Tote
Flannel (W)
Topo x Chaco Sandal (W)
Mountain Pant (W)
Topo x Westerlind felt hat
Topo/dinex Mug