Tuesday, May 5

apple pie and cheese

Taken from Westmoreland, Susan. Good Housekeeping Great Home Cooking: 300 Traditional Recipes. New York: Hearst Books, 2006.

Above, Dutton's apple pie and Cabot Seriously Sharp cheddar, ("the cheese we used to sell to hunters and truckers...on their way out of town.")

It seems either common knowledge (New England, or Wisconsin) or incomprehensible (everyone else) that people would eat cheddar cheese with their apple pie. Am trying to get a good reference but at the least have found a poem from the 1800's by American poet and journalist Eugene Field titled Apple Pie and Cheese. Excerpt...

The pie my Julia makes me
(God bless her Yankee ways!)
On memory's pinions takes me
To dear Green Mountain days;
And seems like I see Mother
Lean on the window-sill,
A-handin' me and brother
What she knows'll keep us still;
And these feelings are so grateful,
Says I, "Julia, if you please,
I'll take another plateful
Of that apple-pie and cheese!"