Friday, May 8

that spring look -something old something new

Springtime means a new pair of clippers, so dial down to #1, feel the breeze and get a tanned scalp.
Go to hell pants -Dickies x Beams. Tipped off by ACL.
Crisp T from RAW. Truth is I didn't know these guys were local til they started building out a storefront round the corner from us. Look forward to it and good luck to them.
Older Lee jacket, a snip on ebay.
Fugly beautiful beeswax Clarks. What else can you wear when boots are too hot... refuse to sandal.
Working on some handprinted 10engines hankerchiefs with textile cousin, we'll see.
Until the weather gets too warm we'll be at MassAudubon's Drumlin Farm every weekend... the boys love hayrides.

This rig doubles for "taking the ferry" look, jacket is essential for that one, even if it is 90 degrees.