Wednesday, May 20

dunlop green flash 1555 plimsolls

Plimsolls invented in 1870 by John Boyd Dunlop, when Dunlop's Liverpool Rubber Company patented a way of sticking rubber to canvas. Then in 1929 Dunlop introduced a new product, Green Flash. Green Flash became one of the first shoes to champion endorsement. Cue Fred Perry signing. Dunlop, the company, survived mostly intact until the 1970s after which the brand name has been bought and sold for different products.

These shoes were a playground staple in 70's/80's Britain, often called a "tennis shoe" by mums (remember... Fred Perry). Oma was into tennis big time (she said if I could ever beat her she would retire) so natch' we all rocked these at one time or another.

According to Dunlop (or whoever owns this trademark now... produced in Vietnam I think) has sold over 25 million pairs of Green Flash 1555 plimsolls - making them one of the biggest selling shoes ever. Still sold with green laces as well as the normal white. They verge on achingly playground-chic for me now, but no question an affordable option for kids. If you wanted to get really crazy in the 80's you got the velcro option...