Tuesday, May 19

kitchen tools -beyond the basics 4

21. Ice cream scoop. Same design since 1935 by Sherman Kelly.

22. Lobster crackers. Plain old nutcrackers work too, but these are only $3 a pop.

23. Stainless picks are key to the lobster eating process. A big help.

24. Stainless steel oil can, for cooking oil or olive oil. I can never find one that does not leave an oily ring on the counter but Pops has one that is rock solid. Maybe just years of use and all the seals are nice and gunked up...

25. Galumpia salad dressing. Mario DiGregorio stopped making his parmesan enhanced, garlic drenched vinaigrette (the label used to say "heartburn added") but thank you Woodstock Farmers Market for recreating it. The old stuff used to come in small plastic milk jugs, as if it was moonshine. Mario mixed it in his washing machine apparently. Side note: don't google galumpia... trust me.

26. Terra cotta garlic roaster. Sure you can just wrap garlic in tin foil and roast it, but somehow the clay gives the garlic that just back from Florence taste...

27. Egg basket. There are a million styles, rubberized or just wire. If you go through eggs as fast as we do it is a definite "nice to have".