Tuesday, May 26


This Chevelle (?Camaro?) was parked outside the door this morning. Is the name plate referring to the addition of a tailfin and induction hood? Think it is a 1970?? (single headlights). Edited these straight digital photos with a crafty online tool, Tiltshift Generator.


T.C. said...

That is a Camaro, not a Chevelle. Still great nonetheless.

james at 10engines said...

several have mentioned this may be / is a camaro not a chevelle. def' a bstrdization. the guy have a mova 3 years ago that diosappeared... could even this be it reinvented?? anyway, thx.

Devin said...

It's a 70 -- 73 Camaro SS 396 with some aftermarket wheels, some hood gauges, and a cowl induction hood.