Sunday, December 27

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Dwell type modernists love their sliding doors, but indoors. Me too, have to admit. The companies that do this charge an arm and a leg...but it is simplicity itself to buy the hardware and DIY. The below image is from the LIFE archive. Modernist structure on Block Island, RI, 1967. There is nothing new under the sun...

Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) w/ Yo La Tengo from Music City Arts on Vimeo.
Kurt Wagner from Lambchop performs "The One" with Yo La Tengo at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville TN.

via Flickr AnnaK7
Iconic sign near the Boston/Charlestown border for an established cement and fill distributor. Boston Sand & Gravel. So simple. I love it when "it does what it says on the box." Plus you get a great view of the Zackim bridge. I can't find a stellar shot (you have to take it as travelling on 93 south, or better yet the Leverett connector) but the building is infact huge and looming.