Tuesday, December 29

beer boards

For a snowboard collector (not me) you know you have it bad once you start getting into "beer boards". These apres-ski promos are not all bad though; usually lower end models from well known manufacturers (Palmer, Never Summer, Hayes Bros!) so really nothing to sniff at, but pay $250 on ebay for them... nah. That Magic Hat below is a Burton Custom, on the 'bay right now for a buck and a quarter...

Sidenote; I believe they have done it a few years running; Coors have teamed with Never Summer (boards manufactured in Colorado since 1983) to produce an inexpensive arrow (only in size 160 cm though?? is that right?), $180-odd including shipping; more at www.coors.com then click SNOW in top leftish. From the message boards etc it looks like the board is a Circuit, MSRP$399. Nothing to do with me, haven't ridden them or spoken to anyone that has... just a find.