Monday, December 14

irn bru -the snowman

The Scottish soft-drink company Barr produces Irn Bru (really needs it's own post, but let's just say it is bright orange, tastes like bubble gum, the diet version has 50 calories and it makes a great hangover cure) and created this Raymond Briggs tribute ad a few years ago for Christmas. Priceless. Irn Bru resurrected their old can for the 2009 Homecoming events (a whole years worth of events it was supposed to be) in Scotland that was (supposed to...) generate tourist interest and money. Damp squib. The heritage can features the Irn-Bru logo that was first introduced in 1947 when the spelling of Barr's Iron Brew was changed to Barr's Irn-Bru for the first time. (Coke released a limited ed. Homecoming bottle, featuring a stag and Robert Burns.)

Photo via DesignTechnologyStudent.