Monday, December 28

kathryn terwilliger -rusty shackelford

Nantucket is up there with Iceland for me in the sense that it is easy to romanticise it but bet is tough to live there. You have to a) love the outdoors and b) be resourceful enough to keep your own side-projects moving along. [Sounds like VT -ed.] By definition you get that island mentality... [Like in the VT valleys -ed.] Worked for one summer on Nan' (at the old Chanticleer, wore Pops' 60's Burton tuxedo every night. Bit of stress but got to try some amazing wines; a whole other post sometime) and was then shocked to arrive back at South Station in Boston and not recognize everyone I met... (i.e. on-island you knew so many people by sight).

Anyhow, found a massive set of Nantucket images by Kathryn Terwilliger on flickr that she has agreed to share. Many treatments here from Polaroids to shooting a Holga, a Kiev 88 (new to me), some IR... even hand developing prints with coffee grounds and soda; mental. Toys are great but you still have to get up at 4am to get these pics... respect. Timeless shots of the old Grey Lady. More great stuff at her flickr site, handle: Rusty Shackelford. Thanks Katie!