Tuesday, December 1

sartorially inclined -the bean boot project

Pithy comments and an economical eye... There is more to Lawrence Schlossman than just Bean boots... though his current Bean Boot Project (a multitude of guest posts from around the way, all discussing LLBean gum-boot memories) has serious legs.

I hadn't heard of all the writers but some great stuff. Read guest posts from The Trad, A Time to Get, Joe Gannon, myself, and many more. [where is Max?? -ed.]

Here is my bit reprinted below:

"I wore Bean boots all the time until we moved to Scotland (1980) and got teased to high hell. Hey, they are pretty odd looking. Damn older high school kids pickin' on the new guy. I was a little big for my age though, so when it came to rugby I  romped (though I did spike the ball in the end zone for my first "try"... which then didn't count, you have to touch the ball to the ground in control)

Long/short I chucked the bean boots and cords and wore Kickers and jeans. Topsiders though... would never give those up. there is a Bass outlet near Pops (Manchester, VT) so an unlimited supply of $40 Topsiders.

Those knee high L.L. Bean boots (editor's note: see below) are my stepmother's, tough to find them now. She has all the classic gear; old Frye boots, CB Sports jackets, ancient Patagonias etc... classic."