Tuesday, June 1

home greens

We don't get toooo crazy w/ the home growing -would like to do more... but salad greens are really rewarding incase you are thinking of doing something and need a little nudge. Planted these less than a month ago and now that they are up you can get salad greens for 2persons nightly. It is now the time to plant round 2 [done -ed.]; then, when you pull the last of the current crop you plant round 3. Repeat all the way through late summer. Can't recommend it enough.

This is our backyard/urban garden; about 100 sq. feet of planting area / only partial sun. Cherry tomatoes in too (not from seed) as they pay easy dividends. Cherries are great since once they start to come in you can pick a few every night practically.

Not an aficionado on home gardening, but feels pretty great to go and pick dinner. Didn't use any crazy seeds, got them at Shaws I think. A 2 second search shows that these Botanical Interests do buy some seeds from Monsato, the Round-Up(TM)-gene resistant seed monolith... [but, update; Botanical Interests do pride theselves on being a non-GMO, untreated seed provider, further reading.]

There is a whole world of seed politics out there, upon which I am not really qualified to comment -but have recently discovered Fedco Seeds (a cooperative seed supplier from Maine) who are taking a stand against genetically modified seeds. (Further reading) and on a lighter note they have a much-lauded catalog that serves as winter reading for rural types. Looking forward to it.

More reading:
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