Monday, June 7

ama-zu cucumber salad

An easy sunomono (vinegared) salad. Slice one cucumber as thin as you can; I remove about half of the skin in stripes... Shrimp are not the most sustainable eating to be sure (i'm picturing the caretakers with shotguns patrolling their aquaculture ponds...) but cook them and split them lengthwise. Make an ama-zu (sweet vinegar mixture) by heating 2 parts rice wine vinegar and 1 part sugar, enough to half cover the salad -then chill for an hour. (Mingle the shrimp and cucumber all up... not sure why I left them like this for the pic...)

This travels well for picnics and is v refreshing. Add a clump of pickled ginger or a dash of sesame seeds for effect... Takes 5 mins. Bosh. Standard issue, stock fave of ours, bet you'll like it.