Thursday, June 24


I thought I never would but I've been doing it... It has been going on for a while. Mrs 10e isn't mad though... she usually pays. Some guys are breast men, I prefer legs and thighs. Sure it can be hard to sneak out when the kids are home but it only takes 10 minutes tops... she says I'm usually finished in 5. [ok enough... -ed.]

Those cooked rotisserie chickens are just so damn convenient... You can get a nice organicy bird for $10, handfed by moonlight, all that sort of thing. Then you fancy them up on the grill outside; crisp the skin and bingo. Robert is your mother's brother.

Shake a handful of dry herbs over the coals, mmmm. Those are Johnnie Foodmaster's herbs... btw is that a great name or what.

Do take out the wishbone. Kids get a kick out of those. Is that where lucky break comes from?? Course, a few minutes outside also affords the inalienable right of a swift one as well.

If you dump the coagulated chicken fat (yum) over the pieces while on the grill they stay plenty moist, but a little sauce never hurt either. Crushed tomatoes, soy sauce, vinegar, maple syrup, hot sauce, maybe chili/sesame oil; in descending order. Takes an additional 60 seconds.