Friday, June 25

compatriot snowboards

Just found these guys, Compatriot Snowboards, and no prizes for guessing the graphic design brain behind the above... Love how the small companies have fun with all the silly tech... Sure Burton does too (e.g. SNAP, SNot Absorbtion Patch etc...) but Compatriot are taking it to another level. Cowboy core? Knuckle sandwich? Crack up. What sealed the deal was the choice of team glove. Talking my language. Further reading.

Compatriot Snowboards was originally founded in 2002. Noteworthy brand objectives include the Giving Back program, a charitable program where Compatriot Snowboards donates a small portion of annual earnings to organizations that deal with crucial environmental, social, and cultural issues. After a brief pause in operations, the company recommenced in 2009 under new private ownership. With a continued focus on handcrafting performance-based freeride/big-mountain freestyle snowboards in the United States, Compatriot remains an independent brand dedicated to the core snowboarder and snowboard retailer. -via Snowboard-Mag