Friday, June 4

fundraiser -a 75 mile run

Change of programming for a second... My brother Alex and his buddy Dave will be running around the Isle of Wight (IOW) in southern England between sunrise and sunset on July 3rd.... that is 120km [75 miles -ed.] from 4:56am and 9:20pm... Imagine running around the whole of Martha's Vineyard, but then not being done yet...

Dave and Alex are doing this to raise money for the Anthony Nolan Trust (a charity dedicated to Leukemia research and matching marrow donors to patients). Dave infact grew up on the island and also raises money to support the IOW's Earl Mountbatten Hospice who cared for his late mother.

OK sure, the guys are lively athletes; between them having completed several marathons (Boston a few times, Paris, Rome), The Tough Guy Challenge, Marathon de Sables, monster walks in the Sinai desert, mini-tri's at the Serpentine in London, etc... but this is a big project. Has never been attempted before [can't imagine why?? -ed.]

They are receiving some material support (no pun intended) from INOV8 Shoes but if anyone feels moved to contribute monetarily you can click on the widget below or visit their fundraising page RunWithTheSun.

If you want to follow along the run will be covered on the Isle of Wight radio on the 3rd of July, and Alex assures me they will be ready for a beer in Cowes that evening...

I have referenced my brother a few times on 10e regarding sartorial matters, and when it comes to hi-performance outfitting Alex knows his gear and does not impress easily. Below is a snapshot of the go-to kit for this *ahem* entirely reasonable 16hour run...

Inov-8 RocLite 315 Fell Running shoes.
iPod Shuffle. Bust out the tunes in times of hardship. Music should be used as a weapon.
Plasters for foot tape and also to tape, you know... nipples.
Headlamp/flashlight; Hopefully not going to need this...
Watch: Suunto. Alex mentioned it once before.
Camelbak is the weapon of choice for carrying their nuclear cocktail of Orbana carbo drink, Rehydran-N, and pain killers....

Looks to me like a lot of snacking will be going on, but Al insists Peperami and Haribo sweets are needed along with Stoats porridge bars.

Some medication will also be involved...
* Vaseline to prevent *rse and *rmpits being worn down to a set of weeping sores -not a good combination with salty sweat. If you forget this it is game over.
* Caffeine: AKA Pro Plus. Brings a glow to the day and generally thought to help metabolize fats.
* Salt tablets to prevent cramp. Take one every hour.
* Ibuprofen works well although not too clever on a dehydrated stomach, another good reason to drink lots. On that note each of them will be planning to drink a minimum of 16 litres of water, and much more if it is hot.

Alex and Dave have both done some major hikes in the Sinai and the pick for sunscreen is P20. Horse's mouth etc...
An Ordinance Survey Active map will be used: a newish design from OS that is covered in a protective plastic coating that can be written on. Lightweight and compact.
Skins running tights: gradient compression on the muscles for more O2 and they also help recover/prevent fatigue. The ICE line of Skins are impregnated with menthol to make legs feel cooler; crazy time.
Poles: Komperdell collapsible. To help pull yourself up hills.

* * * * *
Serious best wishes to Dave and Alex (and respect to Dave's dad for being the ornithologist/support driver and Dave's wife who will ride shotgun -throwing bananas out the window to the running chimps...) 10e will have a full report after the event.