Wednesday, June 23

no mas -wiffle

Think these have been out all year, late again me... but really into the elevation of sports brands that No Mas get into. Simplicity is not easy... and they crush these Wiffle items. No Mas are big into boxing history as well (not a news flash if you have been following them... just saying) and the understated Everlast stuff they have is spot on as well.
The company was originally started in 1910 as a swim suit manufacturer. In 1917 Jack Dempsy and Jacob Golomb (founder of Everlast) worked on a protective headgear for Jack to use during sparring. In 1919 Jack won the Heavyweight Championship and used all Everlast equipment. Today Everlast is synonymous with boxing. The company has branched out. Not only does Everlast deal with boxing, they have recently moved into the world of MMA. -via MyBoxingNetwork
Old 10e post on The Wiffle Ball.