Wednesday, June 23

parenting -cotton caboodle

Have a few things from Cotton Caboodle for the boys and can't recommend enough. V soft and the short sleeves are thinner than beefy-T type shirts so great in summer. Can't speak for the girls stuff (looks brighter generally) but bunch of the clothes have a muted nautical grunge (i'm saying this not the maker) vibe that appeals. Tough to find good shots online -just one to watch for parents...
Cotton Caboodle was born [25 years ago] with the idea of offering a tantalizing palette of colors in a wide array of easy-to-layer fashion staples, to be mixed and matched in endless combinations.

Based in Seattle, our all women staff brings enthusiasm and inspiration to Cotton Caboodle, with an ongoing commitment to producing a high quality product, made in the USA. ... Such sturdy little designs are durable and lasting, and hold up their original luster wash after wash. -via CottonCaboodle