Thursday, June 3

sylvain chomet -the illusionist

The newest feature from Sylvain Chomet (The Triplettes of Belleville) is The Illusionist, and it will be the opening film of the 2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival (held June 16-27).

The film is set in 1950s Edinburgh and the Western Isles; locations depicted in the animated feature include Princes Street, Jenners, The Balmoral Hotel, Broughton Place (the street, not the Scott designed home), George Street, Arthur's Seat and Oban. The adventures of the titular (love saying that) over-the-hill magician are based upon an unrealised script by Jacques Tati, (a sort of paternal love letter), the action of which Chomet transposed to Scotland after he moved here in 2004.

I saw the trailer a while ago on /film and admit I gave up after 10 seconds... the pseudo-Beatles guys threw me off. Have included an alt trailer above. Was not crazzzzy about Triplettes honestly, though you had to doff your cap for style and effort. Sis sent this through yday with some stills attached and the old-world look of rural Scotland and vanished Edinburgh are worth the price of admission. Physical humor abounds too; not surprising since taken from a Tati script...