Thursday, August 26

bachelor buttons

I know suspender buttons are euphamistically called bachelor buttons (why? not sure) but thought snap shirt buttons were called that too? Lazy snaps rather than button holes and sewing buttons -that would make sense as bachelor buttons. Or is it only the 2-piece put-together suspender add-on buttons that are called bachelors?

This Rockmount is more purple than expected; thought it might be shading red. That's the joy of ebay I guess... Saddle stitching is unexpected win though and subtler in real life than my pics make out. I have another that is way darker -definite aubergine terrritory.

Rockmount are famous for their diamond shaped snaps though not in this example. Also the Dan River Fabric part? Not much info out there, but label seems to date this shirt from the 1950's? Can that be right... Or a 1999 reissue. Western Shirts (co-written by Steve Weil of Rockmount) has all kinds of dating info for HBarC, Rockmount, Levis etc.

Dolt, me. Dan River is not a who, but a what -Dan River Mills in Danville, VA which was idled in 2006.