Wednesday, August 4

burton -2011

The Burton 2011 offerings are voluminous as usual. How about 47 styles of gloves or mittens. For men. Another 33 choices for women...

My riding clothes don't fall far from the tree; denim, duck, plaid, camo and blaze and maybe some 802green -or stick to the throwback prints. Otherwise mix up colors w/ the goggles; though others may opt for KellyClark/JohnnyCash head-to-toe coffinblack. Like her style a ton btw.

Head over to the site and get lost; they even worked on a line called Heritage. 10e data mining below.

The old Sub Pop homage logo, key-lassic.
How about a bookmobile board?? Maybe next year.

Can't go wrong w/ a little Dead reference. Not into purple as a general rule but the series of bags Burton have done in this color scheme gets a nod since they took the extra time to trick out the nylon straps too. Black straps don't work except when the rest is black or blaze. Pet peeve. Thx for listening...