Friday, August 6

fridays are tie days -the old boy network

Well, you know how it is when you're in some public spot and a stranger comes in wearing the old school tie. You shove a hasty hand over your own and start to sidle out before the chap can spot it and grab you and start gassing.
-from Tried in the Furnace by P.G. Wodehouse
Sis found a treasure trove of ties at Ben Silver. British university, regimental and old boy (the term for high school alumni commonly used in Britain; usually referring to public i.e. private boarding schools -long parentheses) ties.

But come on, the London School of Economics (LSE) has some hideous school colours...
Paraphrasing from the Ben Silver website; the repp silk is woven in England and Italy, then made by hand and slip-stitched. Striped and crested straight ties are 3 3/8" wide and 57" long. They advertise their authentically striped and crested neckwear collection as the largest in the world. The stripes almost always descend from the heart, in the traditional English manner.
The striped repp tie is also appreciated by the well-dressed gentleman, because it adds strength and definition to the face.
-via Ben Silver
Not sure why but I'm not that wild on striped repp or regimental (long)ties. Striped bow ties I like, and the crested ties look fantastic. I went to LSE (dubbed "Let's See Europe" by the American students) but can't bring myself to wear their gold/purple/black. LSE is a constituent of the University of London though; and their (Ben Silver'd) ties are below. V v tasty. Around $75.

[sidenote, if you are in Charelstown SC this saturday, Ben Silver having a tent sale. Get there early I hear, then send me some pictures...]