Friday, August 6

michael munro-dunn

Photo via EsquireUK

Text below from the Edinburgh Evening News:

As fashion models go, they don't come more unlikely than Michael Munro-Dunn. Yet the 64-year-old from Stockbridge has been unexpectedly plunged into the limelight after being spotted by a style scout while out walking in the city centre.

Mr Munro-Dunn has now, much to his surprise, been shortlisted as one of 12 finalists in Esquire magazine's search for Britain's Best Dressed Real Man.

He said: "One morning I was walking down Castle Street, minding my own business, going for a cup of coffee and a read of the paper, and this chap came running up behind me and said 'Excuse me, sir'. He was draped in cameras and said he was from Esquire magazine and they were travelling round the country looking for the best dressed men.

"I knew nothing about Esquire magazine at all and he said 'Would you mind if I took a few photographs?'.

He [Munro-Dunn] said: "Since I retired and came home from India I'm absolutely appalled at just how scruffy we've all become and I feel that I need to try and maintain standards.

"I come from an old Army family and I remember my father saying 'Standards, my dear boy, standards'."


1. Be yourself, don't follow the herd: "People should look to be individual and not follow the high street track. A lot of people follow the high street fashions thinking that's the way it is, and it's really not."

2. Don't be afraid to splash out on clothes and shoes that will last: "People's spending power today does vary tremendously and good stuff is not cheap, but all the latest fashions are designed to last for one season and then it gets thrown away. Good style never goes out of fashion."

3. And finally: "Blokes - for God's sake, put that bloody tie back on."