Friday, August 13

sacco's bowl haven

Sacco's Bowl Haven in Somerville MA was recently reopened/reimagined/rescued by Flatbread Pizza. Others have reviewed it (read) -but I hadn't seen anyone geek out on the details that do it justice. Pretty fantastic conversion. See flickr's of the old Sacco (which we loved too) over here.

They recently completed some more changes inside (custom wooden benches for the bowling lane, repurposing the old formica booths as booths for the dining area, custom shelves for the shoes, tweaking the old Sacco's lighted outdoor sign -that will be back up soon.

Impressed by the level of thought that is being taken w/ the suppliers. Local to the hilt. I think you could eat a pizza, drink a beer and a shot, then have dessert all on a 100-mile diet. I went in at 9am to get these so no foody pics... but prices are low and the bowling is more than an afterthought -it gets packed. Just like the old days...

Reclaimed bowling lanes for the bar, v nice,
but the stacked wood underneath takes it to another level...

It is hard to find a beer here that isn't from N.E.
Old leader board sign repurposed as beer list.
Nantucket, Gloucester, Gloucester, Gloucester.

The old bowling seating reconfigured as booths.
Pretty much want to live in this picture...