Wednesday, January 12

that pack it down look -2

Sure it is puking snow right now but tomorrow it will have stopped and it will be partly sunny. A shovel is key gear, even when sledding with little ones. Not to dig out, but to dig IN. Carve a run, smooth it down. Hell, build a jump... Pops is all fired up [pun alert -ed.] to use the outdoor pit.

Hat: Ibex. Yeah it makes you look like Elmer Fudd. That is just gravy.
Goggles: Spy
Flannel Shirt: CXXVI
Vest and Mittens: Johnson Woolen Mills (JPN)
Liquid gold, cause you can't drink Glug all day...
Pants: Burton
Boots: Sorel
Sled: Mountain Boy Sledworks. Freekin' gourgeous.

Alot of folks find cause to complain about the snow... It slows things down. Makes it hard to get around, and so forth... [this one just does not get old -ed.]

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