Thursday, December 31

that pack it down look

Major toboggan action starts now. Should have a nice run packed down for later/tomorrow. I know nips (miniatures) are a waste economically but feel like a kid in a toy store when you go to those NH border state-liquour stores. Hell yes a helmet... heading down field towards a nice split-rail fence you might also want a barbwire-proof neckwarmer... layBaACK!!!

Pants -Johnson Woolen Mills.
Fleece -Patagonia RetroX, turns you into a Muppet. Then turns you into a Yeti as snow sticks to it.
Carhartt vest on top. Nip in vest pocket.
Mittens -Kinco.
Socks -Chrimbo present (thx Carrie), might as well have the best right??
Boots -Lacrosse Alphaburly.


Speedmaster said...

Great combo! ;-)

Noah said...

An inquiry on the part of LaCrosse boots...

I saw a friend wearing a pair of ankle boots that looked like a combo of:

and these

I checked on the website, but didn't see any...Does anyone have an idea as to what kind they are? Were they discontinued?

james at 10engines said...

@noah hard to say. def' lacrosse? thses guys do a similar thing

Noah said...

@james It had the LaCrosse logo on the pulls. The link has almost the same shape as the ones i spotted

Noah said...

does this picture help?