Wednesday, March 2

giveway -poler stuff

Get in on the groundfloor here...
Poler makes sleeping bags, tents, and bags that don’t require hundreds of buckles, shiny plastic do-dads everywhere, and enough velcro to choke a camel.

It’s for people that look at most outsdoorsy stuff and wonder why everyone is trying to pretend they are going to do first ascents on alpine peaks instead of celebrating the fact that they are having adventures that are awesome in their own way. It is for people with a sense of humor that do stuff outdoors.
Easy giveway here. Poler handwarmers and a killer medium tee. No picked at random, no SAE, no quiz... The 10th person to RT, tweet, repost, comment, or email me w/ "10engines/Poler", wins. 10th, get it... All over. Jared wins.

Swag provided by the venn diagram loving, sly dog copywriting people at Poler; thx Benji.