Thursday, March 3

somerville maple syrup project -this saturday

Free and open to the public. 10am-2pm at the Somerville Community Growing Center. That is at 22 Vinal Ave. (Steep street opposite the Somerville library, basically Union Sq)

Watch and learn as sap from local trees is boiled down into pure maple syrup. Join in syrup-tasting, music, activities, and more! Waffles, syrup, and T-shirts will be on sale.

SWEET! [too much? -ed.] See you there...
“Doing urban agriculture is a whole different beast from doing rural agriculture,’’ says Groundwork Somerville gardens coordinator Tai Dinnan, who heads the project.

The effort isn’t without obstacles. “Things that are easy to do in a rural area, like building a wood fire, are illegal to do in a city.’’ says Dinnan. But you need fire to boil syrup, so the group will use a wood stove, built by a Somerville High School class.

Sap comes only from healthy trees not directly exposed to road salt or car pollution. Residents with sugar maples in their yards are invited to donate the use of their trees. Tufts University students volunteer for the project, and several trees on the campus are tapped.