Tuesday, March 29

the "tru bru" coffee system

More great coffee gear, thx Mark.
Simple, elegant and about as uncomplicated as coffee can get, these stainless steel brew bars are handmade in Sonoma County, CA from recycled material. -via TruBru.

Above, vitrified porcelain drippers from Beehouse Japan.
Features; patented integrated handle, view hole so you can see the volume brewed, two drip holes so coffee is extracted neither too fast nor slow, retains heat well. $19.
If you want to cure a hangover, a good old cup of coffee and aspirin really is best, according to a new study from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia [damn me! -ed]. Confirming what many have suspected for years, the research found that the caffeine in coffee and the anti-inflammatory ingredients of aspirin reacted against the chemical compounds of ethanol, or pure alcohol, which – even in small doses – can bring on headaches.

Tim Grattan, who developed the technology for the new paracetamol and caffeine product, Panado Extra Advance, isn't surprised: "There's plenty of clinical evidence that shows caffeine actually speeds up the painkilling properties of various painkillers. In fact, caffeine has played a role in making our new product 37 per cent more tough on pain than ordinary paracetamol tablets."

Drinking lots of coffee can also boost sports performance by as much as 6 per cent – but, critically, only in any activity where muscles are not being worked to the limit, meaning coffee or tea could benefit a long-distance runner but not a sprinter.
-from recent article via TheIndependent