Tuesday, March 8

the us open snowboard championships

The Open as it is called in snowboarding circles [or Southern VT -ed.] is like a homecoming/class reunion and mardi gras St. Patricks-day-under-a-full-moon rolled into one, with some epic crowds and 'pipe riding happening in spring conditions. Well used to be. Some of us getting a little grey in the muzzle for the beercage part... but still a good excuse to smell the glove and take some runs with old friends.

If you want to take it down a notch, head over to Suntanner on Friday to catch the Washed Up Cup... old pros and bros and running gates. 3rd annual. The shirt above is the earliest Open memorabilia I have, would love to see others'?? 1987 results here. Craig Kelly won the slalom. There are zero timed events at The Open now...