Friday, January 20

desktop vacation -wilkins farmhouse cider

Wilkins Farm in Somerset, England has a going concern in making rough or farmhouse cider.
There are chairs and newpapers to pass the time of day. The free taster is always half a pint and you will be encouraged to have more; good clean cider. Roger also sells cheddar [unpasturized, rind-on, let's go now... -ed] and stilton [see -ed.] as well as vegetables, chutneys and pickles, and eggs. Don't expect a quick visit, so allow yourself time... This is the real cider none of your concentrate and bottles down here... just Dry and Sweet Farmhouse Cider, which will be blended to suit your tastes, in glass or container.
- via Wilkins
Short doc below is little insight into Roger Wilkins himself and Somerset’s ciderhouse culture. "Dry with a splash" [of sweet -ed.] is supposedly the way to go...