Tuesday, January 10

giveaway -cuppow

Turn a canning jar into a travel mug... This is genius on several levels but have to admit I like it even more cause local guys and ladies dreamed it up. And created all the media for it as well.

The one thing that always struck me about buying a dedicated travel mug was the amount of resources that must have gone into making the mug in the first place. The cuppow lid takes an existing object (the good ol' Ball jar) and transforms it into an acceptable drinking vessel with only a slight modification -the changed lid. Going to say the obvious right now; this would probably work great with cold, non-caffeinated drinks too...

Durable, made in the USA, BPA free, recyclable, and it doesn’t break the bank. Buy yours for $8 here.

Great video below featuring a critical mass of Somerville's Fringe studio types all highlighting the product and ensuing media for it. They have been good enough to offer a giveaway to a 10engines reader; leave a comment or RT this and I will pick one from a hat at end of day. Over. Reader @jgothorpe won it.

I went and bought mine w/ cold hard cash 30 seconds after watching this clip...