Friday, April 13

sperry topsider -made in brewer maine

In Sperry-speak this is the Authentic Original®. Know to the rest of us as Top-Sider. Sperry have finally jumped in, and now work with Highland Shoe, Co. in Brewer, ME to create this essential item. These are $300, but if you use code FRIEND you can get 25% off (so $225)... I just tried, it works. Sure would wear Arrow Mocs or whatever but grew up in Top-Siders. Question, can you get new soles on these or is that a lost cause, cus I burn through the sole in one summer basically... BTW, incase you wonder, this is a pure "find", Sperry have not contacted me atall.

Yes, you've seen similar factory videos by now but this one worth a look. Happy Friday!