Tuesday, October 2

10E2056: Sponsored Review | LLBean Signature "Double-Knee Carpenter Pants"

Marc Desrosiers, L.L.Bean Signature Men’s Designer was good enough to shoot over a bit of backstory here; “For decades the guys at Bath Iron Works have depended on us for the rugged dependable clothes they need while building our nation’s navy. Our Signature carpenter pant is definitely inspired by them. Double knee panels and rivets at every stress point imaginable, and washed like crazy so they’re super comfortable right out the gate. Welder or weekend warrior, these pants are no joke.”
If you read 10e you'll know I have a bit of a thing for work pants like this... LLBean gifted these to review - here are my thoughts. Stylistically the work pants echo various double-kneed pants of turn-to-mid 20th century with the pockets flowing into the panels, and the wash process gives them an almost tin cloth appearance, though they are dry cotton. Straight fit through the waist and true to size. Double-Knee Carpenter Pant, Destroyed, $99.

Usually I don't care for pre-washes and yes, would love to see an unwashed version of these too but the only fault I can really find is that they are $100 and imported. This is completely inline with the rest of LLBean Signature but have to think that those spending $100 here might be tempted to spend a bit more and get heritage DNA actual Filson tin cloth pants. Or perhaps price them lower and go against Carhartt's attempt at a woodsy recreation of their double-knees which are $70 (and imported)? Those arguments are over my pay-grade but important to many consumers... I can tell you that they fit and feel great (32x32 on 5'10" - that is long enough to cuff) and imho look pretty damn good. Intern! - Run the slideshow!

They must have had fun raking around for new imagery to use, " label at back was designed using L.L.Bean's 70's logo and inspired by a plaque that once hung in our flagship store."