Monday, October 22

10E2069: A Day in Vermont at Powderjet

A little rainy day reminder from PowderJet (wooden backcountry snowboards, owner Jesse Loomis)  in Vermont to take her easy and potter around the woodshop. Looks like that boat is crashed into the house in the opening shot, love it. Video by Shem Roose.

No toxic soup... from the site "I build PowderJets in the cleanest way I can. I use US grown FSC certified maple and poplar, which I laminate together with a super clean bio resin from Entropy Resin. The whole thing is cooked in an industrial press that I designed here in my work shop. The boards are then hand sanded, then finished with a Vermont made, whey based polyurethane developed at UVM. It's got a rocker profile for speed and float, deep sidecut with a tight radius for quick turns, and a set back stance location for stability and nose float. We only make about 150 boards a year, and it's all done here in Vermont, by people who take powder days off." via PowderJet Snowboards.