Friday, October 4

10E2253: J.J. Hapgood General Store & Eatery - The Revival (part 2)

Recap! Joseph Jackson Hapgood established a general store in Peru, Vermont in 1827 and until a few years ago it had been the longest continually running general store in the state. I partly grew up in this small town and the store in the 80's was still a fixture of the community. It was a right of passage to get your own "account" on turning 16.

Last February the new owners (our friends - heck she is a grade-school classmate of mine) Juliette and Tim invited us in to see the empty store before it was broken down to be rebuilt (as is happening now). They fired up the woodstove and we heard tales from the old constable about how in the 40s and 50s the town post office was inside the store as well - and horses would be fed and watered outside. Blast of Basil Hayden didn't hurt either... Follow their website for updates Christmas opening I hear! All photos below credit to Max Wastler of All Plaidout. Many people in town v excited for this shot in the arm.

All pictures from February 16, 2013. [The store now taken apart, new foundation 15' back and being rebuilt/recreated/reborn. The paint color for the new outside will be Benjamin Moore's Waterbury Cream, as decided by straw poll at this year's Peru Fair.]

Cheese wedge slicer hanging on the wall there over paper flour sack wallpaper. And glass case below that held a wheel of cheese. Almost certainly cheddar.